Private Lessons and Group Lessons

Private Lessons

• Study via One-on-One learning wherein you do not have to compete with other students.

• Study in a Group where you can share the experience of learning and the cost.

One-on-one Approach

With our One-on-One approach to tutoring, you do not have to compete with other students. You’ll be able to ask specific questions, and deal with learning problems that are base on your particular needs.

We can help with whatever English topic you’re working on—whether it’s vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, or grammar.

Group Study Sessions

Some people perfer to work a group and share the learning experience. they find by partnering with other students, they help each other to understand the lesson better, exchange ideas and notes and work well together in to complete pair work exercises and group assignments .

In addition, the group also supports each other financially by taking advantage of Group Rates which decrease the cost of the tutoring service by dividing the fees according number of students. The more students in a group the less the cost to the  individual student in that group. Note that the maximum students a group can contain is five (5).  

Every Grade  Skill Level Covered

We cover every grade skill level, from elementary school to the introductory college level. We can help with every English subject, including grammar, vocabulary, literature, and reading comprehension, as well as writing college admissions essays. Whether you’re still learning the basics or mastering more difficult concepts, we are ready to help!


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